When it comes to repairs, it may seem like the ones on your roof aren’t all that technical or as if just about any professional could handle the job. But the truth is, even if you’re just talking about a leak or some missing shingles, you really want to use the best roofing company in Queens, NY. Keep in mind how important your roof is before just using the first company that comes to mind or the one that gives you the biggest discount. If you want the best roofing company in Queens, NY, here are the questions you need to ask.

Will You Provide Me with a Free Quote?

Unless the repairs you need to your roof are so bad that it simply can’t wait, you have time to ask any roofing company in Queens, NY if they can provide you with a free quote. Remember, in this economy, it’s very much a buyer’s market. Obviously give credence to any company that actually comes out to observe the damage before providing the quote.

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Are You Insured?

Any roofing company in Queens, NY is most likely insured if they’re licensed to practice, but it’s actually a good idea to check on both. A worker who’s not insured shouldn’t even be allowed on your property, especially when you consider how dangerous it can be up on a roof. Should something happen to the worker while on the job, they could potentially sue you if they don’t have insurance coverage. Likewise, if they break something, you could be left with the bill.

Have You Seen this Type of Thing Before?

If you’re just experiencing a leak, some shingles are missing or the gutter has become detached, this question probably isn’t necessary. But if your roof is experiencing a more severe problem, like bowing, you’ll want to make sure they have some experience in this area. Otherwise, you could be hiring a company that’s only going to make matters worse.

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Does Your Work Come Guaranteed?

Just like with the free quote, you have the right to ask this question, especially given the market. Once you’ve found out the above, but before you sign any papers, be sure to ask if they guarantee their work or to what degree they do. The only thing worse than needing roof repairs is needing them again and having to pay because a company screwed up.

Unless it’s an absolute emergency, be sure to ask the above questions of any roofing company you’re interviewing and you’ll be sure to get the best deal possible.

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