Flat Roofs

Everything You Should Know About Flat Roofs

Many homeowners have shingles while others have metal. With this in mind, you should know that many commercial establishments go with something different. A lot of commercial buildings use flat roofs. A flat roof can be very beneficial as long as it has been installed correctly. If it was not installed right, there is a good chance that problems are going to occur sooner rather than later. With that being said, you need to go above and beyond to ensure that you’re working with a reputable Queens flat roofing contractor.

By going that, you can rest assured knowing that your flat roof is going to last many years and you likely won’t experience leaks. Still, Mother Nature can create problems for flat roof owners and this is something you’ll have tp be concerned about.

Many Types 

Many people do not realize that there are several types of flat roofs. And, you should understand that they’re not all equal. Before you move forward, you need to find out what flat roofing material is going to work best for you. You cannot always rely on those Queens roofing contractors because they’ll attempt to get you to spend more. Therefore, it is pertinent to educate yourself and learn more about the different types. They include modified bitumen, rubber membrane, and built-up roofing. Below, you’ll learn more about the three types.

Modified Bitumen

This single-ply rolled roof is going to offer excellent protection against ice and water. One thing that sets it apart is the water surface which is mineral-based. With this type of roofing material, the adhesive will need to be heated to ensure that it can stick to the surface effectively.


Next, you have rubber membrane or EPDM. This rubber is very similar to an inner tube. EPDM is designed to protect your home from problems associated with the sun. There are numerous ways to attach rubber membrane to the surface. For instance, it can be glued down or secured with fasteners. Finally, you can use stones to ballast the material.


Finally, you have the built-up roof. This is the traditional option. It is created using waterproof materials that will be spaced out using hot tar and river stone.

The Pros Of Each

Ultimately, you should know that each roofing material offers numerous benefits. For instance, built-up roofs are fire retardant thanks to the gravel. Simultaneously, built-up roofs are going to be much less expensive than the alternatives. If you go with modified bitumen, you’re going to receive numerous benefits too. For instance, the material can reflect heat. This will keep your home cooler so you won’t have to use your HVAC unit so often.

Finally, you should learn more about the benefits of rubber membrane. It can be installed quickly and easily. The material is very tough and rugged so you won’t have to worry about tears. You can path leaks very easily without having to replace much. The only problem here is that the material is black so it is going to attract heat.

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