“Live from New York, the Greatest City in New York, it’s the Late Show with David Letterman!”

Those words have marked the landscape of late night TV for almost a good quarter century now. Whatever you may think of Letterman and his show, one thing is certain—

New York is, for so many, indeed the Greatest City in the World.

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But that doesn’t mean that it’s immune from problems. In much the same way that insurance companies had their hands fun dealing with claims in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, claims of Hurricane Sandy-caused cases of roofing damage have led to an increased demand of insurance and roofing aid alike. Here are four specific roofing problems which—caused by Sandy or not—may well warrant the attention of a high quality roofer Queens NY or another of the Burroughs can offer.

1. CRACKED TILES: This is one of the most common, any yet most serious, forms of roofing damage. Cracked or missing roof tiles can allow for everything from drafts and leaks to an opening for pests to enter the home to an overall weakening to the structural integrity of your roof—which is the last thing you want.

2. STANDING WATER: This is one likewise one of the most common forms of roofing damage. On the one hand, this is perhaps one of the most basic potential roofing issues to deal with. After all, shouldn’t it be relatively easy to simply scoop it up or drain it away? The answer is yes and no, and that’s one of the reasons this seemingly-innocuous issue can be so devastating; improper water removal can be just as bad, or potentially worse, as not removing that water in the first place. You’ll want water to be drained steadily and naturally. This is why you need the best roofers Queens NY has to offer, to properly install and repair gutters and drainage systems.

3. MOLD AND MILDEW: Let that standing water collect for long enough, and sooner or later this is all but a certainty. Roofers can help to counteract this process by first removing that water in a proper fashion and, likewise, identifying mold and mildew before it gets out of hand, letting you and water damage specialists get a jump on it before the cost to your home’s overall structure—as well as your wallet—becomes too great.

4. EROSION: This is, of course, a natural part of the aging process, and one which any and all architectural works, from the humblest home to the Empire State Building, must come to grips with. That being said, an eroding roof is a recipe for disaster, and one more reason to call one of the quality roofers Queens NY has to offer.

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