Signs That You Should Replace Your Roof

Signs That You Should Replace Your Roof


If you are a property owner, you know the importance of the roof. The roof plays a major role in keeping your home dry and comfortable. Regardless of your home design, the roof is its biggest defense against the outdoor elements. Since the roof is exposed to so many elements, it will need to be replaced over time. To protect your investment, you need to know the signs of a failing roof. These signs are listed in the article below.

Knowing the signs of a damaged roof will benefit you greatly. If you have some knowledge of the residential roofing system, you are a step above most property owners. Once you learn these signs, you will know when it is time to have it repaired or replaced. While you may not believe this information is important it can save you a lot of money. If the roof is damaged and not repaired or replaced in a timely manner, the interior of your home will also be at risk because it will also be exposed to outdoor elements, such as snow, rain, moisture, UV rays from the sun, and other weather conditions.

The time to contact a professionally licensed roof contractorroof should be replaced is as soon as the signs of damage are detected. The quicker the action, the more money you could save in the long run. Below, you will discover a list of signs that point to a damaged roof.

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Roof Lifespan


Depending on how the roof is constructed, it could have a lifespan of 50 years. Unfortunately, most of the materials utilized for roofing does not have such an extended lifespan. One of the most durable materials utilized for roofing is metal. This material has a lifespan of 50 years or longer, depending on the construction. Other materials, such as shingles, clay, asphalt, slate, and wood always fail in comparison to metal but they are still great options for roofs.

One way to determine if your roof needs to be replaced is its age. When the roof is initially installed, the contractor should give you an idea of how long it will last. Utilize that number to determine when a replacement is needed.

Deterioration Of Shingle Granules


Shingles made of asphalt have small granules that will wear away over time. Long-term element exposure will cause the shingle granules to erode. The best way to determine if your shingle has granule damage is to examine it. Take note of the appearance of the shingles and be sure to inspect your gutters. The granules will wash and blow away when they become damaged. The rain will push the granules into the gutter and on the ground underneath the eave.

Damage To Valley


A valley is created when two parts of a roof come together at an angle. This design is more common in large houses. This is the area of the roof that generally sustains the most damage. Rainwater will run down the valley, resulting in permanent damage.

Openings That Are Visible In The Attic


Another great way to determine if a roof needs to be replaced is visible sunlight in the attic. Even tiny holes will allow sunlight to shine through in the attic.

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