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When looking for a roofing contractor in Queens, NY, most go to a search engine and type in things like: “roofers”, “roofing”, “roofer near me”, “roofing contractor near me”, “roof repair”. Each time you search you will find many roofers and general contractors to choose from, but who is right for you and can obtain the best possible outcome for your roof? A&E Queens Roofers can help!

Finding Roofing Contractors

Roofing companies in New York are almost as plentiful as those famous yellow taxi cabs. They are everywhere, until you need one. Trying to narrow down a reliable roofer in Queens can take some homework on your part, but is worth the investment of time before you invest your hard earned money. When you are in the market for a roofer, here are some important points to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Speak to a real person

While the internet is useful for researching names and phone numbers, don’t rely on customer reviews or online quotes to make your decision. Compile a list of three to five different companies and schedule a consultation with them to discuss your roofing needs. Pay attention to the company information that is given: Does it have a local phone number? What is the physical address of the business? Is the phone answered by a machine or a secretary? The answer to these questions can give you important clues about the reliability and stability of the company, before you even tell them your name!

Talk paperwork

Verify that the company carries not only insurance, but worker’s comp and general liability. Don’t just take their word for it, request copies of insurance certificates from their insurance carrier. Reputable roofing companies will not balk at this request! In addition, request to see proof of their contractor’s license. Using an unlicensed contractor can be costly and dangerous – avoid the headache. While it may be “cheaper” to hire someone who is not licensed, in the long run, you will be saving yourself time and stress by working with a licensed professional.

Break it down

While you hope that nothing will be wrong with their work, sometimes things happen. What warranty does the roofing company offer for their craftsmanship? Roofing supplies often carry their own manufacturer warranty, but you will want to ensure that the installation work is covered by a warranty as well. Most problems will crop up in a short period of time, so make sure that you are covered for both materials and labor.

Ask around

Request a list of recent customers (within the last three to six months) that they have done work for, and follow up with them. Ask about timeliness, dependability and completion. Would they rehire them for another roof? Don’t be afraid to ask questions – most people are not shy about sharing their stories – good or bad – about companies that have done work for them.

Before the next rainy season, find a roofing company in Queens that will take care of your home and provide you with a safe and durable roof. With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to a contract and get that new roof taken care of.

Roofing Company Queens NY

Learn More About Queens NY

Queens, largest of the five boroughs of New York City, coextensive with Queens county, southeastern New York, U.S. The borough lies on western Long Island and extends across the width of the island from the junction of the East River and Long Island Sound to the Atlantic Ocean. The first settlement there was made by the Dutch in 1636 near Flushing Bay, followed by the establishment of Newtown (1642), Far Rockaway (1644), Flushing (1645), and Jamaica (1656). These settlements came under English control in 1664, when Peter Stuyvesant surrendered to an English force acting for the duke of York. In 1683 Queens county was established as one of the 12 counties of the province of New York and was named to honour the queen consort of Charles II, Catherine of Braganza. Source :


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